Thursday, May 7

A.J. will be proud!

Yeah... its been a while. So lots of things, but little time so I'm going to break it down into list format! So, since last time I have:
  • Moved into a different apartment that is literally a 5 minute walk/30 sec drive to work.
  • Now in charge of the scrapbooking dept when I don't know anything about it but hopefully won't be there in there much longer.
  • Traveled for work which was fun while it lasted the 2 1/2 weeks.
  • Family is good and healthy.
  • I'm good and healthy, minus the past 4 days.
Just realized I'm tired and don't wanna do much more! haha Going to try and do more of this and add pics when I can. I don't really do much more than work and the occasional trek up north. One of these days a good story will pop up and will need to be told.. and this would be the place for it! (Again, I'm tired and I guess am getting a little loopy!)

Good night to all!

Sunday, April 27


Summertime is finally here and I am loving it. Going to Wildwood about 2-3 times a week, weather and work permitting. Its so peaceful and beautiful there. I am excited to get my bike down here so I can take that there too. Hopefully the walking will help with the cause. hehe

Family news.... Kate now has to wear glasses like the rest of the fam. She inherited our lovely eye sight and if her lazy eye doesn't get better, she will have to wear a patch for a while. I so hope that it doesn't get that extreme. Jake has now started to pull himself up on the furniture and will be walking in no time. Can't wait to go home and see them! Dad is doing great! The doc checked him out and says the knee is doing great. Couldn't be more happier! Mom is Mom. The strength and the glue to everything. I am one of the luckiest people around to have a mother like her. I miss them all very much, but I wouldn't change my life right and the direction that it is going.

Work is great. Another month down and hopefully many more to go. Learning so much from these great people that I work with that they always keep me on my toes. And as long as I get promoted from the brown crayon, I will be fine. (hehe thanks Mikey!)

Looking at moving into the APTs behind work to cut down on the costs of gas and more walking will be involved. Plus, extra sleep is always good.

Hockey is on. Go Penguins!

Sunday, March 30

As of yesterday, I officially was a member of the Ohio community for 7 months. It truly doesn't seem like it has been that long. Some days it feels like I have only been here for a few weeks. Some days I feel like I have been here for years. Again, as always, the people here are great, I love my job and I can definitely say that, unless something terrible happens (knock on wood) I will never look back. A huge lift has came off my shoulders, also known as Dustin, my old Co-manager. Can I just say, for the record, i am DAMN GLAD that he is gone. (Insert "The Happy Dance")

Not much has happened. Dad had surgery and is doing great. Jake now has 3 teeth, two on the bottom and one on the top, and can now crawl like no other. Kate is amazing. Now cannot say anything around her or else she remembers and repeats in class or to the wrong people. Kristine is starting her own company. I am so proud of her! And I have officially decided to go back to college to get my management degree. It will take forever, but I need to do this for myself. Plus, what else do I have to do! hehehe...

Besides that, nothing else to be said. Just really happy I am here, more now than ever. I wish and hope that everyone gets to experience something along the lines that I have in the past 7 months. Not only is it eye-opening, but life changing. I am not the same person that I was, but real happy with the person that I have become.

Monday, February 4

Go Giants!

Very excited about the Super Bowl last night. One of the best that I think I have ever seen. So happy Tom Brady didn't win. Maybe it's the satisfaction to know that no one is perfect. hehe

Work went well. Didn't get much done but I didn't miss anything on the stock test and I got to talk to our DM about a few things and real happy about them. The only bad thing was that I fell, my own dumb mistake, and now have a bump on my head and both my knee and ankle is swollen. What a dumbass!

Had a great weekend. Got to spend time with Sara and Adam on Friday, which was hilarious! Then spent some time with JR and Melly for a bit before hanging out with Adam for a few and then going to the Rodabaugh's. Had so much fun with the family. Watched Sweeney Todd, had quality sister bonding time, and played with my niece and nephew a lot! We celebrated Mom's birthday with a little surprise gathering, which she was really happy about, and had cake, ice cream, and presents. Then it was Super Bowl time! Yahoo!

Nothing else is really new. I'm not blonde anymore. I went back to my normal hair color. I look so weird! Not use to my hair being this dark anymore! Besides that, things are well!

Will end right now with a quote that has been one of my favorites for a long time. Have a great week!

Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.
~Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, February 3

While watching the Super Bowl...

...I was checking out some quotes and this one made me laugh...

"Man with penis in peanut butter jar, fucking nuts"

Gotta love Confucius! hehe

Also... Tom Petty rocked!!! Very excited about this halftime show.

Go Giants!!!

Saturday, January 26

All things considered....

Things are going well, minus the fire in my apartment, but I really don't want to have to relive that one again! hehe

Work is going real well for me. I got the new layout for my department. So excited! Things will be so much better once it is done. The day that happens will be one of the nicest days that I will have in a long time.

Family is doing well. Dad's surgery is March 29ish. Then we will be able to to breathe easier.

More confirmation! Sometimes I just wish that I wasn't in the position I was in just for that reason. Oh well... shit happens.

Can't wait til the Super Bowl. I think this year will be one of the first years that I will actually be watching the game for more than just the commercials. hehe I hope that Eli wins it.

So this one is going to be short, but I will leave you with the quote of the day.

" I don't want this fighter to crash. Maybe if she follows my smoke, she might take me on and chase me around in the sky."

Sunday, December 9

Brrr.... It's cold inside!

Yes, when you have bad insulating in your APT you definately have to bundle up on the couch, even when the thermostat says 70. Only good thing is that I have ice-cold pop whenever I need it! hehe

Right now, the tail-end of an ice storm is hitting us and all I can think is I hope that I will be able to open my doors tomorrow. With about a quarter of an inch of ice on the car, it makes me happy I don't work until 1.

Work is going better than ever, even if all i do is work, sleep and repeat. I don't need to cook because my "moms" at work keep me well fed since they know i'm not that great of a cook. Only problem is that I've gained my weight back from all the good food! And with the Christmas season almost done, I might be able to go back on the normal schedule.

This Sunday a bunch of us from work are going to the Toledo Zoo to go see the lights that they have on display. I guess they are amazing. So, we are having food at 3, then lights about 5/6ish. Very excited to be able to go out and do something else besides work. Plus, other things are going well, just need to wait for them to pan out.

Lions dissappointed me today. 18 seconds! Come on!

Rearranged the APT. Kinda was getting bored of the old way. Can't do too much though, with it being the size it is.

I think the new neighbors upstairs have DDR or something cuz I always hear music and there is a lot of stomping. Makes me feel old. All I wanna do is take the broom to the ceiling! Argh...

Now its off to watch Disturbia. Good times!
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